£500K secured for policing from housing developments and more earmarked


Sussex PCC Katy Bourne has welcomed moves to lobby for changes in planning legislation to ensure that police forces get a fair share of funding from new building developments.

“New properties mean there is an increased demand on local services, and that includes policing. Since becoming PCC, I have ensured that Sussex Police have successfully secured £535k from new developments.

"In total Sussex Police has sought £3.7 million in funds through Section 106 agreements or the Community Infrastructure Levy, (CIL). However, we are dependent on the support of Local Authorities to recognise the impact of new housing on police.

"Unfortunately, £2 million worth of applications has not been not been supported by the relevant Local Planning Authority or the planning application has been withdrawn.

"As an active member of the National Police Estates Group, Sussex shares best practice in engaging with the planning system and securing developer contributions across the UK, and PCCs and Police forces are currently responding to a national consultation about planning regulations.

"In the meantime, I am pleased to say that we have been rigorously identifying those developments which we calculate will impact local policing and we have applications for further £857,000 currently under consideration.”

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