For over 30 years Neighbourhood Watch has endured to become one of the biggest voluntary organisations in the country, this week, the Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, is celebrating its success in reducing crime and making our areas in Sussex safer.
Modern technology was the focus of a multi-agency operation to crackdown on road-related crime in Sussex.
June marks National Scams Awareness Month and it is fitting, especially given the demographic of areas in Sussex, that it also coincides with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne to question Chief Constable on criminals using road networks; gypsies and travellers; rape monitoring and tackling burglary and elder abuse at her monthly Performance and Accountability Meeting.
Police continue to focus efforts on investigating and preventing the sexual and physical abuse of vulnerable people in Sussex, as news comes of the increased reporting of rapes country-wide.
On 23 May 2018 a new package of measures - introduced by the CPS and the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) were published to help further improve the way that the criminal justice system deals with stalking and harassment.
This week sees Sussex Police launch their third Operation Magpie campaign – to remind people to be vigilant and how to safeguard their property and reduce the chance of being burgled.
Katy Bourne, the county’s Police & Crime Commissioner, praises Sussex Police for adopting a new protocol that will help speed up the search for missing people living with dementia.
Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne is delighted that there will soon be more support for victims of serious sexual assaults via a newly established team of Sexual Offence Investigation Trained (SOIT) officers.
Following her recent attendance at the St. James’ Street Local Area Team (LAT) General Meeting, where members of the public and local business owners raised issues about open drug dealing and drug taking in certain areas of Brighton, Katy Bourne, the county’s Police & Crime Commissioner, will question Sussex Police Chief Constable about this including: what are the key challenges for Sussex Police regarding drugs in Brighton & Hove; what specific powers the Force has to deal with drug dealing and drug taking; and how is Police proactively working with partners to reduce drug use in the City.
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