Do you know the different ways to contact Sussex Police?


Sussex Police has created animated scenarios to reinforce how to contact them and support their commitment to keep communities safe and feeling safe.

In the two 90 second animations, members of the community share their experiences in choosing the most appropriate way to contact the police be that via their local prevention team, reporting online, calling 101 or 999. The animations include incidents of anti-social behaviour, drink driving, household burglary and distraction burglary.

The animations are to get the public to think more about in what circumstances they need the police, so that their query, concern or crime report is dealt with by the right person first time.

Sussex Police still receive 999 calls that are not emergencies but also receive calls reporting crime on local district numbers, where the member of the public should have dialled 999.

Misplaced calls could endanger life, and mean officers are not getting to where they need to be and protecting the most vulnerable.

Sussex Police want to make it clearer for the public to get in touch with them in the most appropriate way. So if you know who to call or contact, this will save you time by ensuring you speak to the correct person or organisation in the first instance.

The public still welcome traditional communication channels such as telephoning the police but a flexible and modern police force needs to offer other methods too, such as online, social media and email.

We expect our police service to be modern and flexible so, while it is absolutely right that there should be a range of ways we can contact the police if and when we need to, it is also important for the public to have the confidence to report crimes safe in the knowledge that their call will be answered in a timely fashion.

I will continue to monitor performance in this area through my monthly webcast Performance and Accountability meetings.

Sussex Police contact cards, contain all the different ways you can get in touch:

  • Call 999 in an emergency when a life is threatened and there is imminent danger (a crime is happening.
  • Call 101, the non-emergency number, when you don’t require an urgent response.
  • Report online at your convenience or when you don’t need to speak to anyone. 
  • Contact your local prevention team by email or phone for matters in your community. 
  • Visit your local police station.
  • Text 65999 or TypeTalk on 18000 if you are hard of hearing or speech-impaired.




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