Improving justice for victims of domestic abuse

This week criminal justice consultancy Crest Advisory held a panel discussion in London to launch their latest report, developed in partnership with IT business and consulting services provider CGI, identifying ways to address the 21st century challenges to tackling domestic abuse. 
Last year nearly two million adults experienced domestic abuse and tackling it is a priority for the UK Government. Currently, those who suffer domestic abuse have two avenues open to them in securing an official response: a criminal justice response and a civil justice one. 
However, at present these remedies are not proving as effective as they should be for two reasons; firstly, there is a disconnect between the civil and criminal justice systems and secondly, existing tools available to the police and others are too often not being used to their full potential. 
The main aim of the report is to connect research, policy, lived experiences and technology to be able to explore ways that existing systems and processes could better protect vulnerable people and prevent domestic abuse now, as well as looking at where the opportunities lie for solutions for the future.
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who spoke on on the panel, expressed her support saying, “My experience over the past six years as a PCC has put me at close quarters with many victims of domestic abuse as well as a range of dedicated professionals all committed to supporting victims with their immediate needs and protecting them into the future.  
“Sadly, legacy technology systems and historical protocols mean that victims of domestic abuse often have to navigate an ageing criminal justice system that hinders information-sharing between agencies that would better protect them, and better manage perpetrators.
“I really welcome this debate about dismantling structural, technological and cultural barriers to information sharing. With the Government currently in the process of reviewing its approach to domestic abuse in the form of a Domestic Abuse Bill – now is the time to make the necessary improvements to these systems and processes so that victims of domestic abuse get the help and support they need and deserve.” 

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To read the full report click here:

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