Make change count – real help for the homeless


Commenting on the Make Change Count campaign launched this week in Brighton and Hove to urge people to donate money to professional initiatives that help homeless people, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:

“People end up sleeping rough on the streets for many reasons including the end of a tenancy agreement, relationship breakdown or losing a job. Giving spare change to homeless people on the street may seem like the best way to help them but, the fact is, that the best chance for a homeless person to get off the street, is with professional help from the organisations that provide housing and other important services.

“This year I renewed my funding for Sussex Nightstop, which is a local charity that trains and supports volunteers to become ‘hosts’ and offer a room in their own homes to a young homeless person. This is an example of a funded project making a real difference to a homeless person’s life.

“If you want to donate money to help a homeless person, please make your donation to here”


For more information on the campaign see Make change count

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