PCC responds to report that finds Sussex Police ready to tackle national threats


Commenting on the publication of HMIC’s Strategic Policing Requirement Force Report for Sussex Police, Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said:

“I am very pleased that HMIC has found that Sussex Police is ready and prepared to tackle national threats under its obligations to the UK’s Strategic Policing Requirement.

“These responsibilities are something I take very seriously in my role as PCC as I have to set the force’s budget and ensure that Sussex Police is well resourced to meet these requirements.

“My office has a seat on the Sussex Warning and Informing Group (SWIG), which ensures that in the in the event of a major incident partners across the county are ready to respond effectively.

“Preparation for major incidents is also something I have challenged the Chief Constable on during our monthly accountability meetings, as issues such as the Ebola outbreak and increased terror threat continue to make national headlines.

“When HMIC carried out its inspection (in September 2013) it found that arrangements by Sussex Police to deal with large-scale cyber incidents were still under development. Since then, I am pleased that significant progress has been made by the force to tackle this threat.

“This year I increased the police precept (the amount residents pay for policing in their Council Tax), following a business case by the Chief Constable for additional investment to meet emerging crime threats – including cyber crime.

“This investment has enabled Sussex and Surrey Police to develop a joint cyber crime strategy and implementation plans, including training specialist staff and officers.  This work continues at a pace so that both forces can reduce the real risks faced by local people.”

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