PCC responds to resignation of Shoreham officers


The Chief Constable of Sussex Police has received a recommendation from Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith that two probationary police officers, investigated in relation to their inappropriate behaviour following the tragic Shoreham air crash, should be dismissed.

The Brighton-based officers, aged 23 and 24, appeared before Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith on 30 September. He assessed the evidence and submitted a detailed report to the Chief Constable this week.

Both officers have since offered their resignations, which they have a right to do under Regulation 13, and these have been accepted.

Responding to the resignation of the two officers, Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne said she supported the recommendations of the Assistant Chief Constable that they be dismissed and the rigorous but fair approach taken by Sussex Police during the disciplinary process.

“As the Chief Constable made quite clear, these probationary officers showed that they were not suitable to be appointed to the role of constable, and they have added an unnecessary and painful chapter to the tragic aftermath of the Shoreham air crash.

I hope that their resignations will restore the public’s confidence in Sussex police and my thoughts remain, as always, with the vicitms’ families and all those affected by this tragedy.”

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