PCC’s video aims to bridge the generation gap


Members of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner’s Youth and Elders’ Commissions have teamed up to produce a video on online safety.

The two groups collaborated on this unique project in conjunction with Fixers, a national charity which works with young people about issues which matter to them, with the aim of educating all generations about cyber crime.

Sefton Dosi, 22, from the Sussex Youth Commission, says: “The opportunity to make a film with both the Sussex Youth and Elders' Commission working together demonstrates that both young and old people can work together to achieve what will be a knowledgeable film to educate people surrounding online safety.

“It was good to see both groups agreeing on an idea and working together to overcome any issues. A fine example of how both young and old can integrate and benefit from one another.”

The Think Before You Click short film was based on research which shows that internet users can make themselves 80% safer online by following two golden rules: create a strong password and update your system regularly.

DI Rob Walker, from the joint Surrey and Sussex Cyber Crime Unit, says: “Your data is an extension of who you are today: you exist as an entity on lots of different systems so if they know your date of birth, National Insurance number and so on, they can potentially obtain loans and credit cards in your name. Sometimes criminals won’t use that information immediately; they may wait a year before using it.

“Online safety is just as important for the younger generation because, although they don’t have assets, their accounts can be used for money laundering or they can be a future target for criminal enterprises. If they haven’t got the safest behaviours engrained into them then they are going to be just as vulnerable as the older generation.”

Sussex PCC Katy Bourne says: “Around a third of the 2,300 residents interviewed during the Elders’ Commission’s Big Conversation last year were confident using computers and the internet but more than 500 were not. Not many had firewalls or anti-virus software in place and too many had easily identifiable passwords.

“Older people are likely to make more desirable targets for criminals and this certainly seems to be the case in Sussex.

“Nationally, though, younger people are most likely to be victims of fraud which is why this video is aimed at residents of all ages and backgrounds.

“The message is simple: create a strong password and make sure your system is updated regularly.”

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