Scam Awareness in Lewes


Do you need advice about scams? The Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office will be joined by local PCSOs at Waitrose in Lewes from 11-2 tomorrow (Tuesday 19 July) to help you discover how to report scams, and tell you more about the support available.

Katy Bourne said: “Last year my Elders’ Commission talked to thousands of Sussex residents who highlighted real concerns about the potential scale of hidden or un-reported crime against our older citizens, particularly when it comes to scams.
“Scams are fraud and fraud is a crime that can ruin some people’s lives. Sadly many people are often embarrassed to admit they’ve been a victim of this type of crime, and so by raising awareness we hope that people will become much more knowledgeable, and, therefore less vulnerable to fraudsters.

“The nature of crime has changed and scams are the fastest growing crime type. As such it’s essential that we have a different policing response, new methods of investigation and forensic analysis, and officers with the requisite skills and training and this is why we’ve seen recent changes to the PCSO role.

“Next Tuesday is a great opportunity for people to come and find out more about scams, and get some real advice from Sussex Police about the scams operating in Sussex right now.”

If you’ve been a victim of a scam you can report it to Sussex Police’s non-emergency number, 101, or if the crime is in action call 999.

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