Sussex PCC acknowledges proposals to give PCSOs new skills


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne has acknowledged proposals to give PCSOs new skills to help support Sussex’s 21st century policing model and deal with evolving criminal and terrorist threats:

“The Local Policing Programme led by the Chief Constable aims to make the most effective use of available resources to provide Sussex with local policing, emergency response and successful investigations.

“In a post-Paris world with the threat level in the UK remaining at severe, now is the right time to review PCSO’s roles and ask if they have the right skills to keep our communities safe.

“The model of neighbourhood policing and the roles of PCSOs has been unchanged for more than a decade. The consultation is an opportunity to revise PCSO skills and ensure they are equipped to support investigations and keep our communities safe.

“The true impact of the Spending Review will be revealed later this week when the Police Grant is confirmed.

“At the moment, it appears to give Sussex police some flexibility in how the Local Policing Programme is implemented over  the next four years.

“I welcome the Chancellor’s announcement that there will be no further cuts to the police budget. However,  we must acknowledge that only last week, the Home Secretary made it very clear to all  Chief Constables and PCCs that further reform to policing and further efficiencies must still be identified and delivered.”

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