Sussex PCC clarification of neighbourhood policing figures


Neighbourhood policing capacity in Sussex was called into question last weekend after the Sunday Times quoted official workforce figures which appeared to show Sussex Police had the lowest number of neighbourhood police officers per head of population in the country.

This is not accurate and is, we understand, based on a number of neighbourhood officers not being included in the Home Office data.

The Home Office itself recognises that definitions of what constitutes local or neighbourhood policing vary from force to force making direct comparisons almost impossible.

It is completely understandable that people’s confidence in Sussex Police may have been undermined by this report but I can reassure residents that the reality is more positive.

Whilst the figures are complicated and confusing, the facts are simple. There are currently 227 Police Officers and 196 PCSOs (423 in total) carrying out neighbourhood policing, which means Sussex is placed 28 out of 42 forces in England and Wales, not the lowest as claimed. This equates to 13.5 Neighbourhood Police Officers per 100k population.

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