Sussex PCC expects crime recording improvements and victim focus to continue


HMIC LogoFollowing the publication of HMIC’s inspection report on Sussex Police’s recording of crimes, PCC Katy Bourne said: “Every victim of crime in Sussex who has made the sometimes difficult step to report an offence quite rightly expects the police to record it accurately and take the right action.

“In the past Sussex was not getting it right often enough achieving an 83% level of compliance with national crime reporting standards which was below the national average. So I am pleased to see the current levels of 97% following a major review and programme to make ethical and accurate crime recording business as usual for the force.

“The HMIC inspection examined 157 incidents and found that 111 out of 133 crimes were recorded, which meant that 22 crimes were not recorded. That was simply not good enough for victims, some of whom would not have been offered the right support or access to specialist services, so I fully endorse HMIC’s recommendation that “reports of crime are recorded as crime”.

“A review commissioned by the Chief Constable highlighted a lack of understanding of crime recording rules, complex and unnecessary hurdles in the old computer system and mistakes building up because data was manually re-entered several times by different people. HMIC also notes there is nothing to suggest that crime recording errors were intentional or malicious.

“I am pleased to be able to reassure the public that the Chief Constable set up a senior project team in March this year to completely re-engineer the crime recording process. After a six month project led by the Deputy Chief Constable, the force now has an Information Management strategy, joined up IT systems and a simplified crime recording framework supported by new training programmes for staff. With officers now able to enter data directly and cutting out unnecessary duplication in the system crime recording accuracy has improved to 97%.

“This much improved performance over the last six months has been driven by strong leadership and an organisational determination to ensure the crime recording processes and culture in Sussex Police are thorough, and officers are now better placed to serve victims of crime and retain the trust of the public.”

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