Sussex PCC to question Chief Constable about policing of hunts


Katy Bourne, the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Sussex, will question the Chief Constable about how the force polices artificially laid hunts at this month’s Performance & Accountability Meeting. She will be seeking to find out how Sussex Police balances the rights of the hunting community to hunt within the confines of the law with the rights of anti-hunting protesters.

The waiting times for people calling the non-emergency 101 number will also be under scrutiny, as will an increase in the number of vehicle crimes recorded by Sussex Police.

WHEN: Friday 15 December at 2pm

WHERE: Watch live online or catch up in the archive:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow the meeting on Twitter using #SussexPoliceScrutiny

Commenting ahead of the meeting, Mrs Bourne said: “The policing of artificially laid trails remains a difficult balancing act for the police so I am keen to find out what Sussex Police is doing with both sides in terms of proactive engagement.

“I will also be asking the Chief Constable for an update on non-emergency call handling times. In the year to 29 November 2017, 75% of calls to the 101 number were answered in five minutes and 88% were answered in 10 minutes. A total of 80,548 or 18% of these calls were abandoned across the same period and this continues to remain a concern for me and the residents of Sussex.”

Also on the Performance & Accountability agenda is the 19% increase in vehicle crime across Sussex in the past year, which equates to an additional 1,168 recorded crimes.

“In October there was a number of tool thefts from vans in the Patcham area of Brighton, so I would like to know what more Sussex Police can do to raise awareness of this particular crime type and to provide crime prevention advice to residents,” added Mrs Bourne.

Other topics under discussion include changes to mental health provisions under the Policing and Crime Act 2017, Sussex Police's anti drink-and-drug drive campaign in December, and Operation Ribbon, the dedicated Sussex Police response to reports of domestic abuse over the Christmas and New Year period.

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