Sussex PCC welcomes new drive to help give vulnerable victims a voice


The Ministry of Justice has announced a new drive to encourage 50 new Registered Intermediaries (RIs) to sign up across Sussex and the South East to help vulnerable victims and witnesses testify.
Their duties will include supporting children as young as toddlers through to people with terminal motor neurone disease to ensure that everyone is able to give their best evidence despite their age or health.
Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne is supportive of this recruitment drive which will ensure access to justice for even more vulnerable people across the county.
Mrs Bourne said, “Access to justice for everyone is one of my main priorities and as the South East also has the highest amount of requests for intermediaries, I am pleased that the Ministry of Justice has opened recruitment for even more help and support in this area.
“The work of Registered Intermediaries cannot be underestimated. Ensuring children and vulnerable adults can understand what is happening during a trial, without being traumatised and the help in facilitating the option for giving evidence over video-link is so important.
“RIs give victims a voice. The deadline for application closes on the 27 July and I want to encourage as many people to apply for this life-changing role.”

To apply visit:

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