Watch Live: missing sex offenders and policing fox hunts to be discussed at police scrutiny meeting


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne will question Chief Constable Giles York on a number of local and national policing issues at their monthly Performance & Accountability Meeting (PAM) next week.

WHEN: Wednesday 18 March, 1pm.

WHERE: Watch the meeting live online at: A recording will be available to view online shortly afterwards.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow #SusPolScrutiny on Twitter.

Commenting ahead of the meeting PCC Katy Bourne said: “It was recently reported that a number of registered sex offenders had gone missing in Sussex and were still unaccounted for. I understand that many residents will find this news alarming, which is why I’ll be asking Mr York what proactive measures Sussex Police is taking to locate these individuals and what assurances he can provide about the ongoing registration and management of sex offenders in Sussex.

“I will also be asking the Chief Constable about how the force polices hunts as I know it can be a challenge for the police to manage the rights of the hunting community with the rights of those protesting against their activity. I would like to know how the police ensure they strike the right balance and a consistent response across Sussex and Surrey given that the hunts regularly cross in and out of our geographical borders.

“This month’s PAM also falls on national child sexual exploitation (CSE) awareness day. New measures have been announced this month to tackle CSE and it has now been prioritised by the Government as a national threat. I will be finding out more about what the key areas of risk are and how Sussex Police is responding to these and working with partners to raise awareness and encourage reporting of CSE in Sussex.”

Other items on the agenda will include the new Sussex Local Policing Model, which was unveiled earlier this month, new measures to tackle terrorist threats and the policing of the upcoming general election.

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