Young people from across Sussex discuss their relationship with the Police


Members of the Sussex Youth Commission ran an interactive workshop with 60 young people from across Sussex to discuss their relationships with the police. The group from the National Citizenship Service (NCS) had diverse discussions with some appreciating the role of the police, thinking they do their best at a difficult job, to those of the opinion that the police deal with things disproportionately.

NCS leader, Dianne Griffiths said; “I had the pleasure of sitting in on the youth commission workshop today with the young people that are on the NCS scheme. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the young people listened and got involved and really appreciated the information they received. The girls who ran the workshop were professional and polite and had the young people amazed at the facts and the rights that young people actually had”.

Young people raise a number of issues they had encountered such aswe want to trust the police but they feel what the police say and what they do are two different things”.

The SYC is giving young people across the county a real voice on policing and crime, reaching out into communities that are not always easy for the police to engage with.

On 23rd September, at a Conference being held at the American Express Community Stadium in Falmer, members will present all their findings and recommendations to the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Chief Constable and guests from the voluntary sector, local government, charities and educational establishments involved in children and young people’s services across Sussex.

Delegates at the Conference will discuss how to turn these recommendations into positive and meaningful outcomes for the police and other organisations working with young people in Sussex.

The Sussex Youth Commission (SYC) provides a platform for young people to support, inform and challenge Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne on the priorities in the Police & Crime Plan.

To find out more about the Sussex Youth Commission visit:

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