What is REBOOT?

In November 2018 the Commissioner secured £890,616 from the Government's Early Intervention Youth Fund. Following the national increase in serious crime, the Home Office developed their Serious Violence Strategy, which encourages young people to make positive choices instead of becoming involved in crime. This is an initiative that the Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne endorses and will be implementing through her Early Intervention Youth Programme, “REBOOT” over the next year of funding.

The REBOOT programme will offer a personalised, strengths-based, one-to-one support package for young people, who have been identified as being at risk of engaging in serious violence and gang behaviour. With the support of a Personal Coach, they will identify which pan-Sussex activities would be most beneficial in helping them overcome some of the issues they face.

Funding will also be delivered to existing youth services. Funding will be provided by the PCC to the following local Community Partnerships within five identified ‘hot spot’ areas in Sussex:

Brighton and Hove - £23,481.14

Hastings - £20,111.75

Worthing - £18,888.87

Eastbourne - £17,268.99

Arun - £16,806.24

Integral to the design of REBOOT is the pan-Sussex Early Intervention Protocol. This is an agreement between Sussex Police, the Youth Offending Services and the NHS Partnership Trust to provide a referral pathway for young people identifying early indicators of serious violence, allowing escalation through five stages. It is a non-criminal, supportive approach, but has an enforcement element at its final stage.

How will the programme be implemented?

A training programme will be offered to all frontline police officers and staff to ensure that they understand the Early Intervention element within the Serious Violence Strategy. The Partnership Team in the Police & Crime Commissioner's office will ensure that REBOOT complements existing services across the county.

Hastings pilot

A pilot version of this Protocol was trialled in Hastings and is now being expanded under REBOOT.

During the trial, 69 children were referred through the Protocol. 63 children were referred into the first stage, with 73% of children not coming to notice again. In total, 23 children were referred into stage 2 (screening assessment) and only 8 children referred into the youth offending team clinic at the third stage. 0 children were referred through to the final stage of the protocol (civil injunction), due to the support being provided in partnership.

During the Hastings pilot and following through to the REBOOT programme, PCSOs will play an integral part in the initial intervention stage and be a constant, alongside their personal coach, in the young people’s lives as they develop through the programme. Many of the 100 PCSOs to be recruited as part of this year’s rise in precept will become part of this programme, directly tackling anti-social behaviour drug-related and organised crime in our communities.

A young girl who went through the Hastings pilot programme said; “I would like to thank a certain police officer, called Charlotte Williams, a huge thank-you for always having my back and being there for me even when I didn’t want you to. I’m going to put the past behind me now and look into the future!”

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