Empowering young people

Effective targeted intervention programmes also include family-focused interventions aiming to improve parenting skills and relationships within the home.

Parents are taught strategies for improving the quality of their interactions with their child, reducing negative child behaviour and increasing their confidence in parenting.

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Changing Chances

Changing Chances specialise in helping young people who are struggling at home, school or elsewhere within the community. They help families and young people understand and tackle challenging behaviour by looking at how the teenage brain works and what might underlie different behaviours.

They help children notice and describe their feelings and energy more accurately so that they can work out what helps them to feel good. It’s about getting to know themselves – strengths and difficulties because that knowledge is power.

Changing Chances also helps parents tackle a range of common issues such as difficulty in managing impulses, withdrawal and refusal to communicate, problems with friendships and peer influences, keeping to expectations in school, learning and study skills such as controlling attention, memory and processing information and organising belongings, managing time and completing tasks.

The Changing Chances team provide essential training to REBOOT partners to improve the knowledge and understanding of professionals and the wider community to recognise risk factors and look beyond ‘challenging’ behaviour to work more constructively with young people. Their ‘Teen Aid’ Project works with REBOOT young people and their families to provide practical strategies for promoting positive behaviour, improving communication and strengthening parents/carers relationship with the young person.

Make Good Trouble

Another company with the aim of empowering young people is Make (Good) Trouble. MGT is a Brighton based media Production Company, with pan Sussex reach. It is a teen-led social enterprise that aims to give young people the resilience, tools and courage to make a difference in their lives. Placing young people in the driving seat as co-creators, working alongside experts, they make ground-breaking content for TV, film, radio and podcasts. MGT encourages teens to explore attitudes and issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing, documenting their endeavours through digital and social media.

Make (Good) Trouble are working with REBOOT young people, their coaches and Changing Chances to create a digital toolkit of support. The aim is to bridge the gap between available resources and young people successfully accessing them. The toolkit, produced in various digital formats for accessibility, will be free, bite-sized, relatable and impactful, giving vulnerable children and worried parents an audio/visual way to digest content - this is especially important for those who struggle with literacy.