How has REBOOT adapted to Covid-19?

The challenge of isolation and social distancing hits young people the hardest and, with the NSPCC labelling this situation a ‘perfect storm’ for online grooming and exploitation, it’s more important than ever that our most vulnerable receive structured guidance and support.

REBOOT has been digitally adapted to ensure that young people coming to the attention of the police continue to receive vital early intervention.

Before, Police Community Support Officers would visit the home of the family and REBOOT coaches would offer 1-1 personalised support. However, all face-to-face support in people’s homes and community settings has been temporarily suspended. So, REBOOT is now engaging with young people and their families solely via telephone, video conferencing and online activities.

Cara (name has been changed) is a 14-year-old girl from East Sussex who was referred to REBOOT by her Early Help Key Worker. She has been known to get into fights in school and has anger-management issues. Before the ‘lockdown’ she would be found by local Police Community Support Officers with an older peer group hanging around in anti-social behaviour ‘hot spots’ in her town centre. Many young people gather in this area to drink and sometimes take drugs.

Referred to the programme only a number of weeks ago, she has only ever received coaching from Carl via video chat. She explains in the video below how this intervention has allowed her to cope with the crisis and helped her stay out of trouble.