The REBOOT programme is committed to asking the young people, parents and partners we work with for their feedback so that we can continue to change and adapt to best suit their needs.

Read some of their testimonies about the effect that REBOOT has had on them

Young people

“It feels good to be heard and not ignored”

“That moment the PCSO knocked on my door and spoke to me, I knew that I wasn’t alone and someone cared”

“I feel like it takes a lot of stress away, makes you feel less anxious, makes you feel energetic and really happy and you feel accepted”

“[My coach] has given me something to do. I look forward to our sessions. I am no longer as bored”

"The help has been good and the gym is giving me something better to do than hanging around the town”


"[The coach] treated him as a friend and a mentor. He went above and beyond for us and didn't give up until the end result was positive. [The coach] also got him into rapping which he has absolutely loved, his confidence is amazing which he had lost completely. He is like a new lad from 8 monthsago"

“For the first time the strengths of my son have been celebrated and someone has worked with him to set goals and encourage him to focus on all his passions. He is now back on track, not getting in trouble and the future is his to grab”


“I think REBOOT is BRILLIANT. We could not have delivered the project without the amazing resilience, professionalism and kindness of the coaches“ (Partner)

“I’m very encouraged about what I’ve heard today and it sounds like it's working well and making a real difference already” (Nick Hunt, Serious Violence Lead for the Home Office)

“Young people have built a trusted relationship with the coach who acts as a bridge for them to access a wider youth offer, a continued support in their lives and a sense of belonging and place in their community in a way that is meaningful, affordable and accessible” (Partner programme)