Here you'll find SRJP documents for download. To request that additional documents are added please email a copy of the file you would like made available to Sammi Carwardine.

RJ Facilitators section

Restorative Justice consent form

Outcome form - word | PDF

Facilitator guidance - preparation for wrongdoers

Facilitator guidance - preparation for harmed persons

Facilitator guidance - exchange of letters

Facilitator guidance - jargon buster

Facilitator script - word | PDF

Prison access process

Risk, information and decision (RID) checklist - word | PDF

RJ suitability assessment guidelines - word PDF

Approach to participants - word | PDF

Best practice guidance for RJ

Attending a prison - word | PDF

RJ Managers section

Leaflets and booklets

Information for victims leaflet - to be updated when available

Information for offenders leaflet - to be updated when available